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The role is to provide leadership into all aspects of engineering at Proximie. This will mostly span software engineering, but also includes the interface between software and hardware at Proximie. The successful candidate will be an expert in the domain of quality engineering, will lead by example within a coaching and supportive leadership style, and will work to ensure consistency of outcome throughout the product development lifecycle from work intake through to achieving the highest standards of operational readiness.


The scope of the role spans quality engineering across all internal and external products; that is the products that Proximie produces for its own benefit as enabling engineering tools, and the products that are client-facing and used by customers.

The successful candidate and the quality engineering team that person leads will be responsible for:

  • Assessing throughout the work intake process that required quality standards are both clear and achievable.
  • Actively supporting a “quality first” agenda throughout the engineering and delivery process by appropriately contributing to the product’s readiness through engineering output and through coaching and supporting engineers in their own work.
  • Verifying through technical examination and the application of commercial, open-source, and internally produced tools that the required standards of quality (and by implication operational readiness) have been achieved.
  • The innovation, creation, and maintenance of automated quality assurance infrastructure and software to lighten the burden of verifying quality for all products at Proximie.
  • Ensuring systems of record are fully up to date with quality outcomes, and liaising with the Director of Delivery as required to ensure products’ operational readiness is achieved in every aspect including documentation, training materials, and standard operating procedures as appropriate.
  • Where necessary, resourcing the manual inspection of the functionality of engineer-produced artifacts to verify that the necessary quality has been achieved.
  • Reporting of quality standards in aggregate, highlighting areas of strong practice for further adoption, and areas of weak practice that would benefit from the attention of engineering principals and leaders.


As well as the capabilities required to lead described above, you are also expected to have the following technical proficiencies:

  • Expertise in all areas of quality assurance processes – expertise in the expression of quality standards within requirements, across both functional and non-functional quality concerns.
  • Expertise in quality assurance technologies, spanning:
    a. End to end testing of entire systems in place, including the necessary environmental and instrumentation requirements
    b. Component testing of macro-level server-side components.
    c. Module/unit testing of individual modules and functions.
    d. Stress / destructive failure testing to demonstrate and document the behaviour of products when placed in environments or under load that is in excess of its intended design limits.
  • Expertise in every variety of tools is not expected nor anticipated, but it is likely that you are familiar with enough of the following to succeed in your role:
    a. Processes: SAFe, Scrum, XP, or some other flavour of agile methodology. Within this, you will be able to demonstrate proficiency for developing quality criteria within acceptance criteria.
    The tooling is heavily Typescript / Javascript oriented:
    b. Web End to End Tools: Selenium, Cypress, SiteSpeed, etc.
    c. JS-based Code Quality Tools: Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, etc.
    d. Mobile Quality Toolsets: spanning responsive web and native applications on both iOS and Android

As well as a range of tools that assist in lifting quality that you will recommend and implement.


Though not necessary, candidates with capabilities in quality engineering for either medical devices/software or media services (especially video conferencing type environments) will be at an advantage.