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We are looking for a passionate architect who is experienced with the full Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), change management, and modern cloud tools and pipelines.

We’re open to someone who is technology agnostic who is excited by the prospect of working with new and latest technologies. If you do not meet all of the below (i.e. programming languages, etc) and believe you can make a difference at Proximie please get in touch.


  • Working with other Architects and Engineers in designing and contributing technically to VoIP, HIPAA, and GDPR cross-cloud infrastructure and systems
  • Improving our architecture for latency, reliability, security, and data residency
  • Running pen, load, and other security and stability tests
  • Set up, configure, and monitor continuous integration, delivery, and compliant deployment pipelines
  • Set up, configure, and monitor complex cross-cloud VPC’s which utilize numerous products such as Proxies, UDP and TCP load balancers, Containers, etc.


  • BSc Computer Science or similar
  • 7+ years experience deploying and maintaining scalable infrastructure in production
  • 5+ years working with containers and similar tooling (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • 2+ years working with Infrastructure as Code (IaC, ideally Terraform)
  • Certifications in 1 of the following: AWS, Azure, Oracle
  • Strong knowledge of network troubleshooting and terminology including LAN/WAN, Routers, Firewalls, Switches, TCP/IP (IPv4), DNS, etc.
  • Strong experience in implementing and using performance, alerting, and monitoring tooling such as DataDog, New Relic, Callstats, LightStep, StatusPage, etc
  • Experience in code reviewing and writing one or more of the following languages/scripts: JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, C, C++, Rust, Bash, CloudFormation, TerraForm
  • Experience in Incident management experience and Information Security awareness
  • Experience network technologies and breadth knowledge of multiple firewall vendors
  • Proven ability to translate insights into business recommendations


  • Experience of working in a NOC, preferably in a SaaS (software as a service) environment
  • Experience in AWS products such as API Gateway, VPC, CloudFront, S3, Lambdas, CloudWatch, EC2, ALB, NLB, etc, or their Azure equivalent
  • Experience in setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment tools and pipelines such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, etc
  • Experience with Janus, WebRTC, Coturn, SIP
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Docker, and other containerization techniques
  • Experience in setting up AnyCast and IP whitelisting
  • Experience in Microservices and functions e.g. Claudia.JS on AWS Lambda
  • Experience in creating HIPAA and GDPR compliant systems
  • Familiarity with GitOps methodology